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The purpose of the Bangabandhu's Bangladesh website is to inspire the interest, understanding, and appreciation of Bengali political culture through visitor experiences, and to engage the dialog about heritage between generations. Bangabandhu's Bangladesh can be understood as a branding proposal for the Bengali nation. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is considered a father of the nation for his sacrifice in the Liberation War and democratic movement in Bangladesh.


Map of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, located in south-central Asia next to India and Myanmar (Burma), is a relative young democratic country which gained its independence in 1971. It is also one of the most populated countries in the world, and the people of the region have a long, diverse and rich history, coming from different cultural backgrounds.

The first Bangladesh immigrants began to migrate to Canada in the 1960s, from a region which at the time was called East Pakistan. Today more than 100,000 people with Bangladesh origin are living in Canada.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was Bangladesh's first Prime Minister, affectionately known as Bangabandhu ("friend of Bengal" in Bengali). An immense presence in former East Pakistan and a thorn in West Pakistan, Bangabandhu was the central figure who initiated the emancipation of Bengalis from the military rule of Pakistan. Due to the deteriorating rights of Bengalis in Pakistan and huge economic disparity between East and West Pakistan, Sheikh Mujib led a passionate nationalist movement which eventually led to the formation of Bangladesh in 1971.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman